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Tell McCrory: Stop Stockpiling Women's Ultrasounds!

Earlier this year, Governor McCrory signed a bill into law requiring doctors to submit the private ultrasound images of patients seeking an abortion directly to the state government.

On January 1, 2016 this invasive law goes into effect, and the state will begin collecting women's ultrasound images without their consent or even their knowledge.

This is an unacceptable betrayal of NC women. State bureaucrats have no business coming between a woman and her doctor and storing medical records that should be personal and private. 

The intent of this law is clear- to shame women and intimidate the doctors who care for them. 

Tell Governor McCrory he must put a stop to this harmful law immediately!


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Stop Stockpiling Women's Private Ultrasounds

Dear [Decision Maker],

Starting January 1, 2016 doctors will be required to submit the private ultrasound images from patients seeking a safe and legal abortion to the NC state government. I urge you to put a stop to this invasive and insulting practice immediately.

I urge you to put a stop to the stockpiling of ultrasounds immediately by suspending this harmful law.

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