Declare your support: My Health. My Life. No Matter What.

It's simple: Every woman deserves the right to make her own decisions about her health, her family, and her life — without interference from politicians and lawmakers.

Out-of-touch lawmakers are doing everything they can to force themselves between women and their doctors and turn back the clock on women's health and rights. We won't stand for it.

Basic health care rights are the foundation of freedom and opportunity for women and their families — and we won't tolerate losing them. Declare your support below.


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My Health. My Life. No Matter What.

My health. My life. No matter what.


1. I will fight for my and my family's right and ability to plan when and if to have a child.

2. I will fight to be cared for by a doctor who can provide me with medically accurate information and quality affordable care based on the latest medical research and their training and expertise -- not based on a religious restriction or political agenda.

3. I will fight for access to affordable reproductive health care, including abortion, for all -- because everyone should have equal access to health care -- no matter who we are, where we work, or where we live or come from.

4. I will fight for sex education programs that give young people reliable, accurate information to make responsible decisions and stay healthy.

5. I will fight because no woman should have to face a screaming bully in order to access abortion and other reproductive health care services.

6. I will fight for the right of women who have been raped to have access to compassionate care without delay or interference.

This is what I, Planned Parenthood, and millions of people are fighting for. No matter what.

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