Stop CPCs From Endangering Women's Health

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are run by extremists with a hidden agenda: to block women from accessing accurate information about all of her options, including abortion. And they will stop at nothing to scare women, including lies and intimidation. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are not medical clinics but often portray themselves as such to get women in their doors. These fake clinics target vulnerable women and pressure them in their personal medical decisions about their pregnancy.

In addition, many of these centers provide medically inaccurate information about birth control to deter women from choosing the safe and effective method that is right for them. 

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are located all across the state of Oregon and continue to grow at an alarming rate. They are unregulated, and there is no structure or authority to which they are accountable. To make matters worse, CPCs are not required to follow the same protocol and standards to protect the privacy of patient records as real licensed medical facilities. This has to stop.

Sign our petition today and tell the Oregon Legislature that Oregonians want them to improve accuracy, transparency and privacy requirements of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in our state.


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Stop Crisis Pregnancy Centers from Endangering Women's Health!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am concerned that Crisis Pregnancy Centers can use misleading tactics and deceptive advertising to lure women to their facilities -- completely unregulated by Oregon State Law. These centers routinely provide medically inaccurate information to vulnerable women. It is long overdue to require accuracy and transparency in their operations.

I urge the Oregon Legislature to take action right now and pass a law to establish minimum consumer protection standards for Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Please keep all politics out of the exam room and ensure that the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate health information and services are maintained.

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