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Stand Against the Anti-Choice Smith Bill

Representative Smith's (R-NJ) anti-choice bill passed the House and is now on its way to the Senate. It would penalize millions of women and their families for seeking abortion services even when their health is at risk.

Rep. Smith and his extreme anti-choice colleagues have taken their campaign against women's health and rights to a new low, and they must be stopped. Do your part now. Tell the Senate to reject this attack on women's health.

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Vote NO on H.R. 3, which takes health care away from women

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The Smith bill (H.R. 3), is an unconscionable attack on women's health and rights. This bill is an unprecedented attempt to ban private health insurance coverage for abortion for millions of women who are currently covered. It goes so far as to raise taxes for individuals and small businesses that purchase -- with their own money -- health insurance coverage for abortion.

H.R. 3 simply goes too far. The restrictions contained in this bill represent an unprecedented effort to deny women the right to make their own personal and private medical decisions and to purchase the health care coverage they need.

I strongly urge you to vote NO on the Smith bill (H.R.3) and other attempts to undermine women's access to comprehensive private health insurance coverage.

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