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URGENT: Anti-choice groups and their allies in Congress want to eliminate birth control coverage. Stop them. Ask the president to stand strong.

Ever since the Obama administration issued regulations requiring insurance coverage for birth control with no co-pays, anti-women's health groups and their allies in Congress have been fighting tooth and nail to take that coverage away from women.

We can't let them succeed — not after fighting so hard to secure coverage for preventive care that is so critical for women. Please ask President Obama to stand strong and reject these demands to eliminate birth control coverage for millions of women.


  • President Donald J. Trump


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Stand Strong: Birth Control Coverage is essential

Dear [Decision Maker],

When your administration made birth control coverage an essential part of health care reform, it was a huge victory for women and men everywhere.

Now, I understand that anti-women's health members of Congress and others are pressuring you to eliminate this coverage for millions of people who work at religiously-affiliated hospitals, universities, and other organizations. I urge you to reject their demands. The vast majority of American voters, including 72 percent of Republican women voters, supports birth control coverage with no co-pays. We know that covering contraception is the single most important step our country can take toward reducing unintended pregnancies, and it must be a benefit for all under health care reform.

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