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Thank President Obama for standing strong for women's health

Ever since the Obama administration announced a new benefit that gives women access to birth control coverage without co-pays, anti-women's health groups and their allies in Congress have been fighting tooth and nail to take it away from women.

After a massive outcry from Planned Parenthood supporters, President Obama has rejected their demands and protected the women's birth control benefit. Planned Parenthood health centers around the country are writing thank-you cards to President Obama — fill out the form to add your name.


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Thank you for protecting birth control coverage

Dear President Obama,

On behalf of women across the country who rely on birth control to protect their health and plan their families, thank you.

Despite incredible pressure from anti-women's health groups and legislators determined to undermine women's access to birth control, you stood strong and did the right thing. Thank you for listening to the voices of doctors, nurses, and the millions of women who rely on birth control. Thank you for defending women's access to essential preventive health care.

When your administration made birth control coverage an essential part of health care reform, it was a huge victory for women and men everywhere. By protecting the women's birth control benefit, you have reaffirmed your commitment to protecting women's health.

Thank you for continuing to stand with me, with Planned Parenthood, and with women and their families everywhere.

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