Oppose Threats to Women's Health

On Friday evening, the House Courts of Justice committee voted 14-4 to approve HB 1, the so-called 'personhood' bill. Today, the legislature is meeting to finish business before Crossover this week. Both HB 1 and HB 462, the mandatory ultrasound bill, will be voted on this week. We must make our voices and our opposition heard on this legislation.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing, as your constituent, to ask that you OPPOSE HB 1, the so-called 'Personhood' bill and HB 462, the mandatory ultrasound bill. These bills threaten women's health care by imposing dangerous restrictions on a woman's right to choose and are far outside of what mainstream Virginians want from their legislature.

The women of the Commonwealth must be able to make private, personal health care decisions in consultation with their families and physicians. HB 1 and HB 462 do nothing to create jobs, fix our state's transportation needs, or limit government reach. Rather, they are intrusive attempts to limit or deny access to abortion, a safe, medical procedure that is still legal in the United States.

It is my hope that you will vote NO on HB 1 and HB 462.

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