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Tell Congress: Health has no borders

Globally, more than 200 million women want to plan their births but lack access to modern contraception. Just last month in Honduras, the Supreme Court upheld a decision outlawing emergency contraception — and now, any woman or doctor found using or distributing the "morning-after" pill could face criminal prosecution and jail time.

Do anti-women's health attacks like this sound familiar? That's because the same people behind the attacks on Planned Parenthood and the women that we serve here are attempting to eliminate health care funding and increase barriers to reproductive health care for women and mothers in countries all over the world.

It's outrageous: watch our video and tell your legislators today — our Health Has No Borders!


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Health has no borders

Dear [Decision Maker],

Globally, 215 million women want to plan their births but lack access to modern contraception. When women are denied access to contraception, they experience high rates of unintended pregnancy, which leads to high rates of unsafe abortions, pregnancy complications, and maternal deaths. When women have access to contraception, there are fewer unplanned pregnancies, more women in schools and jobs, and stronger futures for everyone.

Access to family planning is key to healthy, peaceful, and prosperous societies. And for 40 years, the United States has been a leading source of support for international family planning programs. When the U.S. cuts its support, women all over the world feel its impact. To honor International Women's Day, I'm calling for robust investment in global family planning without harmful restrictions and the elimination of disparities in women's health everywhere. Please stand up for women's health here and abroad.

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