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Kansas Women Need Our Help: Tell Kansas Lawmakers to Stop Playing Doctor

In one of the most unbelievable assaults we've seen, the Kansas State Senate will vote any day now on an outrageous bill that will strip women of their fundamental rights and radically change the doctor-patient relationship.

The new bill in Kansas will require doctors to lie to their patients and tell women seeking abortions that the procedure will increase their risk of breast cancer — even though the science says otherwise. Even worse, the new bill protects doctors who withhold information about possible fetal anomalies and health risks from a pregnant patient if the truth might lead her to end her pregnancy.

This bill is a betrayal of women — not just in Kansas, but everywhere. It tells women and their doctors that politicians know better than they do. We must stand up for women in Kansas: Tell state lawmakers in Kansas and beyond to stop playing doctor. They need to stop interfering with women's most private medical decisions.


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Don't force doctors to lie

Dear [Decision Makers],

Stop. Before you vote on/sign SB 313, stop and think about how this outrageous bill will affect women.

This bill forces doctors to lie to their patients. There is no scientific evidence that choosing to end a pregnancy increases a woman's risk of breast cancer -- but doctors will be required to tell women seeking abortion that such a link exists. It is utterly disgraceful for a group of politicians to replace medical science with their own ideology. All to try to change a woman's mind. Lies have no place in the doctor's office.

This dangerous bill provides legal protection for a doctor who withholds information about possible health risks from a pregnant patient if they think the truth might lead her to end her pregnancy. How dare you strip women of the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own health and the health of their families?

The relationship between a woman and her doctor is built on privacy, honesty, and trust. This bill is an unconscionable betrayal of the doctor-patient relationship that will cause irreversible harm to women's health.

You need to stop. Stop inserting yourself into doctor's offices. Stop forcing doctors and patients to abide by your narrow-minded ideology.

There's still time to protect women from the consequences of this despicable legislation. I urge you to stop it before it's too late.

Thank you,
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