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Mitt Romney Tell undecided voters the TRUTH about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney lied about his anti-women's health agenda during the second presidential debate. He told undecided voters that he doesn't believe bosses should decide for women whether they have access to contraception.

In fact, Romney supports the Blunt amendment which would give bosses the power to deny women coverage for birth control. And just last month, Paul Ryan was asked about the birth control coverage requirement. His response? "It will be gone. I can guarantee you that."

This is just the latest example of Romney and Ryan misleading voters about where they stand on women's health and rights. It's time for undecided voters to hear the plain truth about Romney and Ryan. Do your part to spread the word: Sign our open letter to undecided voters.
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The Truth about Romney and Ryan

To every undecided voter:

I've made my decision, and I can't support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. When you know what I know about their record on women's health and rights, about what they stand for and what they have planned, it's not a hard decision to make.

Did you know that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have both embraced so-called "personhood" amendments? These laws would outlaw all abortion, with no exceptions for cases of incest, rape, or to save a pregnant woman's life. It's just heartless, and I can't support lawmakers with so little respect for women or such little compassion for survivors of abuse.

It gets worse. Paul Ryan cosponsored a bill with Rep. Todd Akin that would have redefined rape to exclude women who have been drugged or threatened, or who are unconscious at the time of their rape, and minors who are victims of statutory rape, and denied them abortion coverage. I can't support Romney and Ryan any more than I'd vote for Todd Akin for president.

And while so many young women turn to Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings, birth control, and basic health care, Mitt Romney has vowed to "get rid" of Planned Parenthood, and Paul Ryan has voted to ban federal funding for Planned Parenthood health centers.

I've heard Romney and Ryan pledge to repeal health care reform and strip the preventive care coverage with no co-pays that more than 45 million women have already benefited from -- but I haven't heard them say what will happen to these women, or how they'll be able to afford to see a doctor. I haven't even heard them say they care.

These are the facts, and I'm determined not to let Romney and Ryan hide from their records or get away with their dangerous anti-women's health agenda. Now that you know, spread the word -- and don't forget to vote on November 6.

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