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Please email Governor Brown TODAY in support of the Access to Birth Control Bill!

California has a large unmet need for publicly funded family planning services, in some counties as high as 50 percent. Thousands of women struggle each month to access birth control and AB 2348 will help! AB 2348 will allow registered nurses to dispense birth control under a standardized procedure.

Health organizations like Planned Parenthood, the California Family Health Council, American Nurses Association - California, and California Primary Care Association all support AB 2348 because it’s common sense legislation. Ensuring women have timely access to birth control prevents unintended pregnancies and creates better health outcomes.

Take action TODAY to contact Governor Brown in support of AB 2348.


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I am counting on you to support AB 2348 (Mitchell) and stand up for women's health!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to support the Access to Birth Control Bill - AB 2348 (Mitchell).

Californians, like me, overwhelmingly support access to birth control to reduce unintended pregnancies (89% according to PPIC 2009). Yet, even in California thousands of women must wait for hours in a medical office or weeks for an appointment just to get birth control. AB 2348 will help remove these barriers by allowing registered nurses to dispense birth control under a standardized procedure - a common practice developed collaboratively by doctors, nurses and health center leadership to ensure quality care and patient safety.

I am proud to have a governor, like you, with a long history of supporting women's reproductive health. Signing AB 2348 is another way to demonstrate how committed California is to reproductive health care access and to enhancing the health of women and families.

Please support AB 2348!

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