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60 days. 1 million voices. Louder than ever.

On February 1, the Obama administration announced they will hold the line on making no-cost birth control available to women under the Affordable Care Act, despite a small but vocal opposition. The president is making good on his promise to the 99 percent of sexually active American women who have used birth control at some point in their life.

Now, the fight starts anew. The administration has 60 days to collect public comments on the rule. We know what our opponents are capable of, and we cannot let them continue to stand between a woman and her body, her decisions, and her future. This is about whether our bosses decide if we get access to birth control, or if we do.

This is it. Fill out the form below to add your name in support of the administration's decision about birth control. Sign it now. Sign it for yourself, your daughters, and granddaughters. Sign it because independence, equality, and the right to make our own health care decisions are worth fighting for.

We will submit your comments to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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Support Birth Control with No Co-Pays For Every Woman

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