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Tell politicians: We won't back down on birth control

A group of politicians is trying to block women's access to affordable birth control — again.

Eleven Members of Congress have sided with companies like Hobby Lobby and Freshway Foods, that are refusing to provide a full range of birth control options to their employees and 51 House Republicans have joined together to introduce legislation to repeal the birth control benefit.

These politicians are determined to undermine President Obama's plan to guarantee access to affordable birth control for millions of women. Once again, they insist on standing between a woman and her doctor, her body, her decisions, and her future.

Now, it's time to show these lawmakers where we stand and remind them that with birth control, we all benefit. Add your name today: show these politicians that we won't back down in the fight to protect birth control access, and urge them to change their positions.

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We won't back down on birth control

To the politicians who are challenging the birth control benefit:

You've made it clear where you stand with companies like Hobby Lobby, that want to refuse their employees coverage of the full-range of birth control options.

Now, let me tell you where I -- and millions of other women (and men) across the country -- stand.

I stand with the millions of women who rely on access to affordable birth control to determine their own reproductive health. To make their own decisions about their health and their bodies.

No company, no boss, should get to control the health care choices of their employees. No woman should have to ask her boss for birth control.

While you stand with the companies who want to take this coverage away, I stand with the 70 percent of Americans who agree with the law, and who believe insurance companies should cover this basic benefit. When women have the power to protect their health, to plan their families, to make their own medical decisions, we all benefit.

I urge you to change your position, and I will continue to fight back against policies that seek to control women's health care decisions.

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