Stand with Texas Women

Texans are energized and fired up. We've been gathering at rallies across the state and descending on the Capitol by the thousands. Yet Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and their allies in Austin continue to block Texans from speaking out on legislation that threatens the health and safety of women statewide, and would effectively ban abortion in Texas.

We've started something no one can stop. We've lit the fuse in Austin — and the fire is catching all over the country. But, we have to keep fighting, no matter what.

We will not be silenced. Every lawmaker in Texas needs to know that we are watching, we are still standing, and we will continue to fight back. Tell Rick Perry and the Texas legislature to stop interfering with women's health and rights:


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Protect Women's Health in Texas

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please oppose all efforts to limit a woman's access to safe, legal abortion in Texas.

Over the past few years, Texans have seen relentless attacks on women's health and rights in our state. Already, these attacks have hurt hundreds of thousands of women, and many more will be hurt if current legislation becomes law.

I urge you to stop interfering with women's private medical decisions. We are all better off when women and their doctors - not politicians - are the ones making medical decisions.

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