Sneak Attack by NC Senate on NC Women

NC Senators pulled a shameless move on Tuesday night. In a sneak attack, they gutted a totally unrelated bill and loaded it with unprecedented anti-abortion measures. Everything transpired at night, during a holiday week when they thought they could slip this by us. 

At 8pm the NC Senate voted to close the doors of providers of safe and legal abortion across our state. It's not over yet. It will be heard for the third reading on Wednesday, July 3rd at 9AM in the Senate at 16 W. Jones St. in Raleigh.

All of these efforts in the NC Senate are led by Sen. Warren Daniel, who holds extreme views on women's health and is not holding back when it comes to pushing his harmful anti-women's health agenda.

HB 695 will jeopardize women's health and safety. Tell our state's leaders that women don't need politicians to have a hand in making their most complex, private and personal decisions. 

Email Senator Pro-Tem Berger, Senator Apodaca, Speaker Tillis, and Gov. McCrory right now and urge them to reject the extreme political agenda of Sen. Daniel!

Click here to read an article outlining the impacts of HB 695


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Don't Bet Against Women

Dear [Decision Maker],

Every person should have the right to make decisions about their reproductive health without government intrusion.

I am writing to urge you to reject the extreme agenda put forward last night by Senator Warren Daniel. His single-minded effort to restrict women's access to health care is out of step with North Carolina voters, and today hundreds of women and their supporters will gather in Raleigh to drive home this message.

As the drivers of legislative priorities, we are counting on you to be assertive and stand up to extreme political agendas like that of Senator Daniel.

I am counting on you to ensure that legislative priorities represent the real needs of North Carolinians, not the extreme agenda of just one member.

I urge you to vote NO on HB 695.

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