We're in it for the long run!

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory broke his campaign promise to North Carolina women on July 29, signing sweeping anti-women’s health legislation that will deny women access to basic care. It's the same story we’re seeing in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, and in Congress. Our opponents have proven time and again that they will stop at nothing to force their agenda on women nationwide.

But we aren't backing down, and we will not allow politicians to force their agenda on women — not in any state, no matter what. We will tell these lawmakers where we stand and make sure they get the message: the fight to defend women's health and rights isn't over, and we're in it for the long run.


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In for the long run


Listen up, lawmakers: we're still here, we're still standing, and we're in it for the long run.

You might not see us crowding your corridors and objecting from the balconies, but make no mistake, we are still here. We are in Texas, in North Carolina, in Ohio, and every place a small group of politicians tries to turn back the hands of time on women and rights.

We're still here -- and we're not going anywhere. We're in it for the long run... and we are bigger and more determined every day.

When you shut down health centers, when you trample women's basic rights, when you expose the plain contempt you feel for women who want nothing more than to make their own medical decisions -- we get stronger.

When you twist the rules and abuse your power to force your ideology on women, we get louder.

And when you stand between a woman and her doctor, you remind us of what we're fighting for.

We are in it for the long run. No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard you push your ideology, no matter what -- millions of people like me will stand up, speak up, and stay there. For the long run. For as long as it takes.

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