Tell DSHS to Drop Their Dangerous Regulations

This summer, Governor Rick Perry pushed through a dangerous anti-abortion law. Now the Department of State Health Services — a department whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of Texans — wants to make an already devastating law even worse.

By forcing even existing facilities to abide by draconian regulations that have nothing to do with health or safety, the Department of State Health Services could be leaving thousands of Texas women without access to safe and legal abortion, along with other basic health services.

Comments will be collected until October 25, so don't wait. Tell the Department of State Health Services: Honor your commitment to the women of Texas, and revise these dangerous, extreme restrictions.

Please note: This email will go to members of the State Health Services Council. They are appointed volunteers and not paid elected officials.


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Comments on abortion facility licensing rules

Dear  Texas Department of State Health Services,

The mission of the DSHS is to improve the health and well-being of Texans, but the new rules you have proposed for abortion facility licensing do anything but. By forcing even existing, licensed health centers to adhere to strict regulations for hallway size and closet flooring, you could be leaving many providers with no choice but to close their doors.

I'm counting on you to adopt commonsense revisions that put women's health first:

-- write truly "equivalent" rules that, like the ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) rules, exempt existing licensed facilities from having to make massive, expensive, and unnecessary renovations;

-- exempt facilities that offer only nonsurgical, medication abortion; and

-- allow facilities to apply for waivers where a particular change would be impractical and the existing facility meets the intent of the rules.

Already, more than 75 women's health centers in our state have been forced to close due to dangerous, politically motivated budget cuts. The DSHS would be making an already dangerous situation even worse, by placing burdensome and medically unnecessary regulations on abortion providers that far exceed what is required by law.

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