Sign on and thank Sec. Sebelius for fighting for women's health

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has been one of the most powerful voices for women's health and rights in decades. Thanks to her hard work, millions of women now have access to no-co pay preventive care, free contraception, and insurance coverage that can't be denied due to pregnancy or domestic violence.

As she moves on from her post, join me in thanking Kathleen Sebelius for being a tireless champion for women's health and rights — add your name to our thank-you card today.


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Thank you Secretary Sebelius

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Because of you, millions of women now have access to better, more affordable health care. Bringing the Affordable Care Act to life was a long, hard fight, but you stuck with it and we are so glad you did. Your unwavering support for women's health in this process will literally save lives. Thank you for your incredible public service, and for standing up for women's health and rights.

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