Tell Governor Nixon: Stand with Missouri women

Out-of-touch lawmakers in Missouri just passed a bill that would force women seeking abortion to endure a mandatory 72-hour waiting period. This bill is one of over 30 new bills in Missouri targeting women seeking abortion — and we have just one last hope to stop it.

Tell Governor Jay Nixon to veto this dangerous and unnecessary new burden. He's been a strong champion for Missouri women in the past — it's time for him to stand up once more to defend women's health and rights.


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Say NO to the Missouri Waiting Period

Dear Governor Nixon,

After thousands of Missourians have spoken out against the bill mandating a 72-hour waiting period for women seeking abortion, after doctors have testified that these laws are dangerous and unnecessary, after brave women held a filibuster on the Capitol steps for three-days running... you are the last hope. I urge you to take a strong stand for the health and rights of Missouri women by vetoing this outrageous legislation.

Missouri women already receive support, counseling, and information and are required by law to wait at least 24 hours and make two health center visits before having an abortion.

You've been a strong ally for Missouri women in the past, and I'm counting on you to do the right thing now: veto the 72-hour bill.

Thank you,
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