We need you: Be a Clinic Defender!

The Supreme Court just gave radical anti-women's health protesters a green light to stand between patients and their doctors. They struck down a Massachusetts law that created a 35-foot buffer zone around health centers, which means protesters can bring their harassment and intimidation right to the health center doors.

Now, our opponents are saying they "no longer have to hold back" — and that means we have to be ready for anything. We will continue to do everything we can to make every Planned Parenthood health center a warm, welcoming, safe place for patients. But with health centers nationwide under threat — by protesters and lawmakers trying to shut them down — we need you with us.

All around the country, caring, compassionate, courageous people like you are standing up to be Clinic Defenders. They are determined to stand strong in the face of harassment, fighting to make sure every woman seeking care gets it, and gets it without fear or intimidation. Will you join them?

Pledge with us: I am a Clinic Defender.

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I am a Clinic Defender.


I am a Clinic Defender because no woman should face harassment and intimidation just for seeking the care she deserves. There should be no signs and no slogans shoved in her face, no shouted threats and harassment, no sneering judgment from strangers.

I am a Clinic Defender because I will not give up on the right of every woman, man, and young person to see a doctor, to seek care, to protect their health.

I am a Clinic Defender because I know how important Planned Parenthood is to millions of patients, and I am proud to stand with them. I will speak out against efforts to shut down health centers and intimidate patients -- in my own community and nationwide.

I am a Clinic Defender, and we are thousands strong. We won't back down; we won't give up, no matter what.

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