Protect access to safe & legal abortion

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the most important abortion case in decades. If they allow the Texas abortion law to go into effect, access to safe and legal abortion for millions of women may be in jeopardy not only in Texas but also in other states, where lawmakers will feel they have a blank check to pass even more and worse anti-abortion laws.

This is the biggest threat to abortion rights we've faced in decades. Tell the world where YOU stand. Add your name to our open letter today.


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Protect Roe v. Wade and every woman's right to safe, legal abortion.

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Abortion is a safe and common medical procedure protected by our constitution. If HB2, Texas's extreme anti-abortion law takes effect, the right to an abortion may become virtually meaningless for thousands of Texas women and threatens that right for all Americans.

Rights don't matter much if only some can access them. HB2 must not become law.

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