Tell Speaker Paul Ryan: Stop the witch hunt.

Officials in 12 states have investigated the outrageous claims made by an anti-abortion extremist group and each and every one found the allegations made against Planned Parenthood to be false. A Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood and instead indicted the leader of that anti-abortion group on a felony charge. And now, 181 House Democrats are blasting Speaker Paul Ryan for continuing to "turn a blind eye to the serious risks presented by" his special committee investigating Planned Parenthood:

"The onus is on you to put an end to this witch hunt...We implore you not to stand idly by while tax dollars are spent on a baseless investigation that endangers women, scientists, health providers, and others."

The truth is out. These criminals will answer for what they've done. And it's long past time to stop the baseless investigations into Planned Parenthood health centers still happening in Congress right now. It has to stop.

Tell Speaker Paul Ryan: End the select committee investigation into Planned Parenthood.


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End the anti-Planned Parenthood special committee investigation now.

Speaker Ryan: 

I am joining your colleagues in the House of Representatives and calling on you to shut down the special committee investigating Planned Parenthood.

For months, Planned Parenthood has been the target of a smear campaign based entirely on false accusations. A Texas grand jury has cleared Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Texas of wrongdoing -- and instead indicted the extreme anti-abortion activists behind these outrageous claims.

We know the facts. Planned Parenthood health centers committed no crimes and do not profit from fetal tissue donation programs. The only criminals here are the activists who spread these malicious lies.

Speaker Ryan, it's time to shut down the anti-Planned Parenthood special committee. Now.

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