Birth control coverage at risk -- act now!

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price could attack access to birth control in one of his first acts as HHS Secretary.

Don't let him get away with this. Send your message to Secretary Price and demand the new administration protect full insurance coverage of birth control with no copay.

If you can, take an extra moment to edit the letter, especially if you've ever used birth control and have a personal story to share.


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The new administration MUST protect full insurance coverage of birth control with no copay.

Dear [Decision Maker]

I'm writing today to express my opposition to any efforts by this administration to dismantle no-copay insurance coverage of birth control.

Under the Affordable Care Act, birth control is correctly recognized as essential preventive health care. As a result, more than 55 million women have gained access to no-cost birth control.

People use birth control for a variety of reasons, including endometriosis, migraines, premenstrual pain, and menstrual regulation, as well as to plan whether and when to start a family. Ninety-nine percent of sexually active women have used birth control at some point in their lives.

Access to birth control is a critically important health and wellness issue for American families, and Americans overwhelmingly support access to birth control. Limiting access to birth control would be devastating for millions.

[Your Name]