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Vote No on SB3: Politics Don't Belong in Medical Decisions

Dear [Decision Maker],

As Pennsylvanians, we are deeply disappointed to see the legislature is once again moving a dangerous abortion ban, SB3. This bill is dangerous for the women of Pennsylvania. If enacted, SB3 would be the most restrictive abortion ban in the country, banning one of the safest abortion procedures and leaving no exceptions for rape, incest, or tragic fetal anomaly. Politicians who truly care about women's health and well-being should focus on policies and laws that advance healthy pregnancies and address the very serious and real needs of women who require abortions in the second trimester of a pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is different, and anyone considering an abortion later in pregnancy is already facing challenging circumstances. Stand with me, your constituent, and vote 'No' on SB3 when it reaches the House floor.

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