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Source: vitaefoundation.org in a press release that has since been removed


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Cut Ties With the Vitae Foundation

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am shocked and disappointed to hear that the Kansas City Royals have an official partnership with the Vitae Foundation, an extreme anti-women's health, anti-choice organization that lies to and demeans women for decisions they alone can make about their health and lives.
The Vitae Foundation, a self proclaimed "resource and standard bearer for pro-life media", will advertise anti-abortion propaganda during all 162 games this season on the Royals Network and broadcast ads during every home game on the fan-favorite Crown Vision jumbotron at Kauffman Stadium. 

We cannot allow this hateful speech against women to be part of Kansas City's favorite pastime, which takes place at a publicly funded sports complex. Jackson County taxpayers fund this beloved stadium, which should not be used as a megaphone for extreme ideology.

The Vitae Foundation, and others like it, put women's lives and rights at risk based on an extremist ideology that does not belong in baseball. These ads are demeaning and offensive to Planned Parenthood's patients and supporters.

I stand with Planned Parenthood Great Plains and the 90,000 Kansas City area residents who support the expert, compassionate sexual and reproductive health care PPGP provides - including safe, legal abortion. 

Stop spreading anti-abortion propaganda, and cut ties immediately with the Vitae Foundation. 

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