The Trump administration has announced a rule that would undermine the requirement that all insurance plans must cover no-copay birth control — a provision that's already benefited 1.1 million women in Minnesota alone. In response, we are calling on our Minnesota elected officials, Republican and Democrat, to pass legislation to protect access to all forms of FDA-approved birth control without a copay.

Send your Minnesota legislators a message urging them to protect birth control access for all Minnesotans.

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Protect birth control in Minnesota

To My Minnesotan Elected Official, 

The Trump administration has announced a rule that will eliminate birth control protections for over 62 million Americans and more than a million Minnesotans, allowing employers to deny their employees access to birth control coverage for any reason.

Birth control isn't controversial and access to it shouldn't depend on who your boss is. That's why I'm urging you to pass legislation in 2018 that protects access to affordable birth control coverage for all Minnesotans.

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