Tell Sen. Koenig: Stop Attacking Planned Parenthood

Senator Koenig is wasting taxpayers’ time and money by attacking Planned Parenthood and making it even more difficult for Missourians to access safe, legal abortion.

Missourians deserve better than this. The 15th District deserves better than this.

Missourians are tired of politicians obsessing about abortion, passing even more restrictions that do nothing to protect the pregnant person’s health or safety.

It’s long past time for our elected leaders to focus on important issues to improve Missourians’ health, like improving maternal and infant health, increasing access to birth control, and ensuring that students are taught comprehensive and medically accurate sex education.

It’s time to take action. Tell Sen. Koenig that you expect him to stop attacking Planned Parenthood and Missourians’ access to safe legal abortion and start supporting measures to improve Missourians’ health.

Want to do even more? Get a yard sign to show you stand with Planned Parenthood and you expect better from Sen. Koenig.


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A shift in priorities

Dear Sen. Koenig:

I am disappointed that you voted for Senate Bill 5. It imposes medically unnecessary restrictions on a woman seeking safe, legal abortion, while doing nothing to protect her health or safety.

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