No discrimination in health care!

New proposed rules released by the Trump administration would allow health care workers to discriminate against patients by citing religious, moral, or personal objections. This is a dangerous policy that could block patients from getting care, simply for who they are, the kind of care they seek, or whom they love.

This is yet another attempt by Trump and his extremist allies to promote discrimination and restrict access to health care. Submit a comment to HHS telling them you don't support discrimination in health care.

Please note that when we forward your comments to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), they become part of the public record and will be posted online by HHS or other federal agencies once HHS has reviewed them. By submitting this form, you give Planned Parenthood organizations permission to share your note on social media or with media organizations, including your first name and state.


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Stop discrimination against patients

Dear HHS Officials,

I'm writing about the proposed rule that allows providers and other health care workers to deny access to basic health care services, including -- though certainly not limited to -- transgender health services, abortion, and even birth control. This rule, coupled with the newly created "Conscience and Religious Freedom" division within the Office of Civil Rights, would turn the office charged with protecting people throughout the country from discrimination into an office that gives health care workers a license to discriminate against people, simply because of who they are or the services they seek.

If this rule is adopted, it would result in people not getting the care they need -- from people living with HIV seeking treatment to women seeking safe, legal abortions to LGBTQ patients getting basic care for themselves or their families.

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