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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I deeply care about the Women's Health Equity Bill, HB 2627/SB 2185. This bill, sponsored by Senator Jeff Yarbro, Representative Johnnie Turner and co-sponsored by Representative Brenda Gilmore, requires coverage of contraception and women's preventive services, such as breast cancer screenings and well-woman preventive visits.

Birth control access is a key component of women's health and allows families to have control over if and when to have children. While this bill helps all women, it is particularly important for marginalized groups, who are more likely to have lower incomes, to get the care they need. The Women's Health Equity Bill seeks to restore family planning opportunities to people who need it.

These are difficult and divisive times. I need your leadership to help move our state forward towards positive, meaningful ways to create a healthier Tennessee. As a concerned constituent and a committed voter in 2018, I am counting on you.

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