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family-planning-logo.gifGov. Ricketts and Lt. Gov. Foley are threatening access to health care by destroying the Title X program for 28,000 Nebraskans, including Planned Parenthood patients. If you agree that this is unacceptable, sign the petition urging our lawmakers to protect Title X!

Governor Ricketts and Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley  is are threatening the healthcare of women across the state of Nebraska with his proposal for restructuring Title X funding in Nebraska. By prioritizing the distribution of Title X funds to federally qualified health centers, hospitals, and health departments, standalone health centers and Planned Parenthood’s two Nebraska health centers family planning clinics across the state  would no longer qualify for Title X funds. This means that This change, which disproportionately impacts rural and low income populations, would result in over  over 14,000 patients could lose access to the critical (needed? life-saving? something else?)   family planning services, including  cancer screenings, pap smears, contraception, and STI tests..entire range of family planning services, from contraception to cancer screenings to STI tests.

It’s time to tell our elected leaders that this legislation condemns thousands of Nebraskans to driving hours hundreds of miles [LW1] for basic healthcare services, untreated STDs, undiagnosed cancer, and limited control over their own bodies. Sign the petition to tell lawmakers that Nebraskans care about women, and will continue to fight efforts to take away our care.

 [LW1]Nebraskans describe distance in time, but should we do that or say “hundreds of miles”? Idk what will have the greater impact.


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Don't take away our care! Protect Title X.

Dear [Decision Maker],

We, the undersigned Nebraskans, strongly oppose the changes to Title X funding proposed by Governor Ricketts and Lt. Governor Foley. These changes threaten women's access to health care by blocking federal Title X funds from going to Planned Parenthood and any Title X health center that provides or offers referrals for safe, legal abortion care.

This policy has been written into the Governor's budget bill (LB 944) in spite of the fact that the Title X program has no impact on the state budget. This is solely motivated by the Governor's personal objections to safe, legal abortion care. Federal law already precludes Title X funds from being used for abortion services, and the State Auditor's Office has testified that Title X funds have not been misused in any way.

Furthermore, if approved, this bill would destroy the entire Title X program and block 28,000 Nebraskans from accessing affordable family planning services, including birth control, STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings and well-woman care. Federal Title X law requires that providers offer a referral for abortion care, if the patient requests it. This bill would violate that federal law, jeopardizing the entire Title X program.

Without Title X, low-income women will have further limited opportunities to seek medical care, and Nebraska will inevitably see an increased number of untreated sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies and potentially undiagnosed breast cancer and reproductive cancers.

Make no mistake: this proposed legislation is an attack on individual liberties and on access to critical health care. Please do the right thing and protect Title X for all Nebraskans.

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