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Starting on September 27th, PPMET will experience 40 Days of protester activity outside of our Nashville Health Center during the "40 Days for Life" anti-abortion protest. During these “vigils” that happen across the country, protesters harass our patients and their families as they enter our health centers using graphic signs, megaphones, and video cameras. 

We launched the Pledge-A-Protester campaign to show that it is within our power to transform judgment into compassion, shame into respect, and fear into fortitude. By donating today, you can help send the message that Planned Parenthood will ALWAYS be here to provide essential healthcare servies to everyone in the community who needs it- no matter what. 

How it works:

Step 1: Complete the form below to donate to the Pledge-A-Protester campaign. Your total donation amount depends on how much you would like to pledge each day ($1, $2, $10, or more!) 

Step 2: For each pledge collected, we will display the donations on a sign outside of our health center to serve as a constant reminder to the protesters that YOU stand with Planned Parenthood.  

Step 3: Check in with PPMET on Facebook and Twitter to see how the campaign is progressing!    

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