How it Works

Planned Parenthood Fearless Fundraisers is an active and engaged community of Planned Parenthood supporters who care about protecting women's health and rights in their local communities and across the nation.

How you can help

Raise money for Planned Parenthood by creating your own personal page and sharing it with friends, family, and communities.

Start a Fundraiser

Eight ways to boost your fundraising efforts

Donate to your own fundraising efforts.

When your friends and family visit your page, they'll see that you donated to support women's health and rights before asking them to chip in too.

Don't discount the small stuff.

Put out a change jar and ask everyone in your house to empty their pockets at the end of the day. Over time, every little bit adds up!

Talk about your fundraising efforts on social media.

Reach your friends and family where they hang out online by posting progress updates and links to your fundraising page on your social media accounts a few times per week.

Double donations through company matching gifts.

When your friends and family donate, remind them to see if their employers have matching gift programs, and encourage them to fill out the necessary paperwork (usually with someone in HR).

Send at least three fundraising e-mails to family and friends.

People are busy, but that doesn't mean they don't want to give. Chances are you'll need to email the same group of people three (or more) times to give everyone who's likely to donate a chance to follow through.

Ask your favorite local business for a donation.

Local business love their customers and rely on your support, so why not ask them to return the favor and give?

Personalize your page and tell your story.

Inspire your friends and family to give by sharing the reasons why you support Planned Parenthood.

Throw a party, shindig, or other fun event.

Big or small, events raise money. Holidays are great opportunities to have friends over for food and games and talk to them about supporting women's health.

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