What you (yes, YOU) can do to Stand with Planned Parenthood

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What's happening right now:

Right now, we're seeing a full-scale attack on birth control — and we know there's more to come. The Trump administration has now allowed employers to deny their employees birth control coverage, and they're looking to eliminate birth control access for people with low incomes and even prohibit health care providers from giving patients information about birth control.

Trump and his administration are trying to take us back to an era when we had far fewer reproductive rights. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act's no-copay birth control rule, more than 62 million people have access to birth control, and fewer than four percent of women using birth control have to pay out of pocket for their basic care.

But all of that is at stake right now. That's why we absolutely must stand up and fight for birth control.

The Department of Health and Human Services has opened up a comment period on birth control for just a few weeks, so we need to act quickly. This is a crucial period of time where they gather feedback from people like you to inform their decision-making, and it's our chance to stand up to the Trump administration as they attack our basic right to our bodies and our birth control.

This is no small feat, which is why we are calling on all Planned Parenthood Defenders to urgently and immediately start canvassing for comments in your communities.

Take This Week's Action

Canvass for comments in your community to stop the attack on birth control
  1. Sign the petition yourself.

    Send a message to Trump by adding your name to the petition: Our health care decisions are none of your business — and not our bosses' either. Stop attacking access to birth control.

  2. Pick a date to go door-knocking and invite your people.
    • If you haven't yet, be sure to sign up to collect comments in your community. Signing up helps us track how many people are getting involved!
    • Make a list of your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to invite, then call or text and invite them to go door-knocking on a specific date in your neighborhood. The official comment collection period ends in December, so be sure to hit the streets SOON.
  3. Divy up the neighborhood by streets or blocks.

    Split up the neighborhood and have everyone door-knock on different streets. Make a plan to meet back up in two hours at a specific location to debrief with your group.

  4. Review the script and practice with your partner before you go knocking.
    • Start off by introducing yourself, and make sure you mention you're from the neighborhood! Be sure to ask some open-ended questions and get your neighbors talking. Something like this:

      Hi, my name is ___ and I'm volunteering with Planned Parenthood. I'm also your neighbor, so wanted to come by and introduce myself! The Trump administration is attempting to strip access to birth control for millions of people. Have you heard about this?

    • After you've had a chance to talk with your neighbor a bit, ask "Can I count on you to sign the Planned Parenthood petition to protect birth control?"

      If they say yes, tell them to take our their cell phone and text BC to 22422. This will add them to our SMS list and they will get the link directly to their phones to sign the petition!

    • Thank your neighbor for their time. If you had a great conversation and the person has expressed interest in wanting to get more involved, be sure to get their name and phone number so you can invite them when you host your next meetup! Canvassing in our communities is all about building relationships and growing our grassroots power. Not everyone will want to get as involved as you are — but if you do run into someone who seems passionate, engage them in a conversation about how collective action matters. As you continue organizing in your community, keep a list of friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors who are willing to be called upon in moments where we have to fight back. You can keep this list on your email, in a notebook, or on your phone — whatever works for you!
  5. Keep track of your progress.

    Keep track of how many doors you knocked and how many conversations you had using this sheet. It's always a good idea to keep track of how you're doing, and it will let you tally up your numbers when you're done canvassing!

  6. Tell us how it went.