What you (yes, YOU) can do to Stand with Planned Parenthood

Emergency Guide VICTORY Update!

If you find yourself on this page, maybe you're looking for an update on the battle. Maybe you're wondering what injustice we'll fend off next. That will come soon. But for now, we're taking a moment to celebrate YOU.

Even if you did just one thing to stop the terrible health care bill, it may have been the one thing that pushed us over the precarious edge to victory. You called. You rallied. You tweeted. You turned the internet and the night pink, and you took every action you could to fight for health care for millions. YOU did this.

There will be fights ahead, and we'll call on you then (probably quite soon). But right now, thank you for everything.

We'll be in touch soon with more ways to get involved in the ongoing fight to protect and defend access to care.