Sign on: #WeWont­GoBack

Extreme lawmakers think Trump's election gives them a mandate to roll back rights for women, LGBTQ folks, religious minorities, people with disabilities and people of color. They're starting to move on discriminatory legislation before Trump has even taken office.

We need to send a message — loud and clear — right now. We're stronger than they are — more powerful, more committed — and we won't back down. The resistance starts now.

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To lawmakers and others who think they have a "mandate" to push policies that punish and attack women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, people of faith, people with disabilities, and others and strip away their rights, hear this:

We are bigger and stronger and more powerful and more committed than you know. We won't shrink or hide away. We're standing strong— ready to fight. For our lives. For our rights.

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The majority of voters chose Hillary Clinton and her vision for a respectful, inclusive, progressive America. Most Americans support access to reproductive health care, including abortion; universal health care; and marriage equality and LGBTQ rights. Americans also understand that immigration is good for our country and want immigrants treated with dignity and respect.

In short, you may occupy powerful positions now. And you may try to take away health care from millions of Americans, outlaw abortion, strip away people's civil rights, and deport millions of vulnerable immigrants.

But we represent the true strength and power and future of this country. And we have no intention of letting you abuse your power to take us back.

We are the real majority, and we will show up and shut down any attempts to take away our rights, harm us and our loved ones, and jeopardize our future.

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