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THEY want to defund Planned Parenthood. Anti-women's health politicians are dead set on stripping funding from Planned Parenthood health centers — and taking health care away from millions of women, men, and young people.

WE want to make sure patients who rely on Planned Parenthood health centers get the high-quality, compassionate care they deserve — no matter where they live, who they are, and what they can afford.

YOU have the power to stop politicians from restricting access to your health care. We need every politician to know just how important Planned Parenthood is to the people we serve. Tell us what Planned Parenthood means to you.

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Here's what other supporters have shared:

When I felt ready, I went to Planned Parenthood. I felt very welcomed and the staff was very warm and genuinely cared about my well-being... I got everything I needed and Planned Parenthood didn't expect anything out of me, and that's when I knew Planned Parenthood practices what they preach: they care no matter what.
- Grecia M., 20, Phoenix, AZ

During a period of unemployment, I needed access to health care and birth control. I couldn't afford COBRA, and wasn't sure what to do, as I had previously had abnormal pap smears and was scared about what might happen if I didn't monitor my health. I was able to easily access Planned Parenthood and receive the care I needed from an amazingly kind and thorough staff.
- Christina P., 34, Washington DC