From birth control with no copays to better access to lifesaving cancer screenings, the Affordable Care Act is a huge step forward for women's health. But now, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case that could gut Obamacare — 9.3 million people could lose their coverage.

We believe that health care is a basic right. And we're willing to fight for it, no matter what it takes — or what the Supreme Court decides. Already, millions of Americans are benefiting from the law — and it's your stories, the real, powerful examples of Obamacare’s impact that will help counter the relentless attacks from our opponents. So, tell us...has Obamacare made a difference in your life?

Take a minute now to share your story — then ask your friends and family to join you!

Here's what other supporters have shared:

"My 23 yr. old daughter's job was reduced to part-time hrs. Luckily, under Obamacare, she is still covered under her father's insurance."
-Jan B.

"It's one less bill for my husband and I to pay every month, and we can better focus on paying off debt, and finishing school."
-Rebecca R.

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